Questions to ask a Breeder

Tell me about your dogs and your breeding program.

What health tests are done? Are the adults eyes checked every year? Can I see a copy of the results?

What are the health issues common to the breed? Do you provide a written health guarantee? What does your written health guarantee include?

What are the breeder's requirements with respect to spaying or neutering of the pet animal? Will it be neutered before it is delivered? Will it be sold on a limited registration basis with a requirement for subsequent neutering? If the puppy is to be spayed or neutered before delivery to the new owner, will there be any additional charge to the new owner?

May I see the contract stating all of the conditions that are involved in the sale of this puppy?

Does the breeder have a non-breeding clause in the contract? Not having this clause may indicate that the breeder does not care what happens to the puppies after they leave the breeder’s home.

What are your conditions for the return of the animal should that become necessary?

How and when do you start socializing your puppies?

At what age do you release puppies to their new homes?

Do you show your dogs in AKC events?

When do you normally allow potential buyers to come to see the puppies?

Are the parents and puppies American Kennel Club (AKC) registered? Can you provide me with a copy of the puppy's pedigree for the past 3 generations? If the puppy is not properly registered then there is no guarantee that the puppy is actually a purebred no matter what it looks like.

How old are the parents and are they available for me to see? Is the mother a good one – calm and appropriately concerned for her puppies. If a parent is not available to see, do you have a current photo and the pedigree available?

How many litters has the mother had?

How do you screen potential puppy buyer homes, and do you have a questionnaire for me to fill out?

Will you be available in the future to answer any questions I may have on raising, training, and/or showing my puppy?

Do you have a waiting list for your puppies and how does it work?

Would you give me references from your other puppy buyers?





Questions to
Ask a Breeder